Founder of Netroots Nation Launches Tech Community Survey

Who is the American technology community and what does it want? That’s what a new survey aims to tell Washington.

As the founder and former CEO of Netroots Nation, Gina Cooper knows that smart policy begins with information and collaboration. That’s why Cooper’s new organization,, has partnered with tech civic, academic, advocacy, meetup and startup organizations throughout America to distribute and promote a new survey that will show how the technology community exists as a political constituency all across the country.

“We want to introduce Washington to a larger tech community, one that exists all over this nation, in every Congressional district,” said TechAdvocacy founder Gina Cooper. “Too many politicians think the technology community only lives in Silicon Valley or works for a few big tech companies. Our goal is to help politicians and and others figure out what technology creators, developers, and entrepreneurs care about.”

TechAdvocacy has partnered with existing tech social, academic, media and advocacy organizations to distribute the survey to their communities. Once these responses have been collected, TechAdvocacy will open data and produce the definitive baseline study of the technology community, working with David Latterman to interpret the results. Latterman is a Public Research Associate at the University of San Francisco and Principal of Fall Line Analytics, where his expertise makes him a sought after quantitative political analyst.

“We’re part of a data-driven community,” said Cooper. “Now that we’re adding more data to drive the policy discussion.”

You can learn more and sign up to take the survey, or be notified about our results at